The ARINC 818 Standard

The 8b/10b-encoded ARINC 818 video interface and protocol draws heavily on the older FC-AV standard.

ARINC 818 manages high-bandwidth, low-latency, uncompressed digital video transmission. It was introduced in 2006 to handle the ever-increasing volume of data streaming through complex avionics video systems.

Today ARINC Specification 818-2 is the commercial standard and military de facto standard for high-performance video systems. The Airbus A400M and A350XWB, the Boeing 787, and the KC-46A tanker all employ ARINC 818, as do aircraft manufactured in Brazil, China, India, Israel, Russia, and South Korea.

ARINC 818 video systems include infrared and other wavelength sensors, optical cameras, radar, flight recorders, map/chart systems, synthetic vision, image fusion systems, heads-up displays, heads-down multifunction displays, and video concentrators. These video systems are used for taxi and take-off assist, cargo loading, navigation, target tracking, collision avoidance, and other critical functions.

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